Dear visitors!

Welcome to one of Veszprém county’s 1000-year-old little village: Vilonya. Our village is to be found near Bakony Hills, 8 kilometres from Lake Balaton, at the western border of Mezőföld, in the triangle of Veszprém-Várpalota-Balatonfűzfő, so at the meeting point of regions and areas, thus offering a very colourful picture. Dolomitic surface with bushes and trees, domiciled pineforests and meadows are also very tyoical to this area. Two most typical landscape sights are the Séd srteam running through the village, and the Sukori-Hill, which two peaks tower above the village. In 1908 Ferenc József I. Hungarian King watched from here the manoeuvre in Hajmáskér. From that time the place is also called Királylátó. The oldest building of the village is the reformed church from Árpád Times, of which local people are very proud. At the bank of the stream many mills and several ruins remember the agricultural prosperity of the 17.-19. Centuries. Main tasks of these days are the development of the village by creating a friendly living surrounding and offering cultural programmes to strengthen the togetherness of the local people. Due to its geographical location, Lake Blaton is easy to reach, as well as the county city Veszprém with its cultural and economical connections. Vilonya is ideal for those, who seek recreation, and for those, too, who wants to discovet the north-eastern region of Lake Balaton. Taking part in our cultural- and sport programmes the visitor can discover – beside Vilonya – the neighbouring villages, their art groups, as well as our twin-village: Nyitracsehi.

Here we invite you, to come and visit us. Visit our art relic refomed church, all the nice mills on the bank of the stream, climb the Sukori-Hill, and enjoy the scene that the eastern basin of Lake Balaton and the Bakony Hills can offer you. May you come as transit guest or may you visit us advisedly, we will welcome you in our beloved village. We hope that the time that you spend with us will enrich you with unforgetable memories, and at the second time we will welcome you as our friend.